Here Is… My Lovely Country…!!!

My Love, I’m still here
In the land of Million Dreams
The land as tender as the clouds
The land so sweet, noble, sincere and delightful
The land where I long for you
In every breathe I take, every second, every single time
My Love, the land is very beautiful
Prosperous and fertile as a diamond mine
The citizens are friendly, polite, and open handed…
They are so open hearted
The all excite me and make me happy

My Love, the land is safe and peaceful
Anybody must be feeling comfortable here
As comfortable as sitting on a sofa

My Love in my place
Houses are neatly built in rows
Children leave for schools
Parents working for decent income
Everybody lives healthy…peaceful and harmoniously

My love, I just woke up
I was dreaming
I’m scared, it’s still dark here

My love, maybe I’ve been away from you lately
Abandoning the messages in your early “manuscripts”

My love, the road is indeed long and exhausting
But this must be the road to glory
At the end of this road
I am sure that there will be a bright light


About zackyneutron

The one who keep struggling....
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