Compost Knight

hands_in_compostAli lives in a small village called Kampung Anyar with his Little Sister Regar.

It is a very beautiful village, with friendly people and a good spirit. There is just one problem. There is too much rubbish!

The villagers in Kampung Anyar do not know what to do with their rubbish,

so they throw it in piles on the ground and in the river

Sometimes they burn it and the smoke stings Ali and Regar’s eyes.

Ali is very sad about the rubbish because he knows that it is bad for the village. He heard the village doctor say that the rubbish made people very sick and also hurt the soil and water.

Ali asked his neighbour Pak Ompong for help. Pak Ompong is a very smart man, who has a very nice and beautiful garden. He was working in it when Ali walked up to his house.

“How can I help you Boy?” he asked he kindly. “Why do you look so sad?”

“I am sad because of the rubbish Pak,” said Ali. “It makes people sick and is hurting the earth.”

“Don’t be sad,” said Pak Ompong. “I have an answer to your problem!”

Pak Ompong tells Ali to go into his garden. “Look!” he said. “This is my compost!”


“Many things that people throw on the street can be recycled. Food waste is one of these. But instead of throwing my food waste away, I use it to make compost which is very good for my garden. I can also put my garden waste in the compost- like leaves and grass.”

“People use too many plastic bags too!” Pak Ompong said. And then he held up a bag made of fabric to show Ali. “If everyone uses a fabric bag like me, then soon there will be no plastic bags to be thrown in the village!”

Ali liked Pak Ompong’s ideas very much. He started making his own compost the next day, using food scraps from the kitchen and leaves from the garden. He was very careful to follow the instructions that Pak Ompong had given her the day before.

Ali’s brother Uci asked what he was doing. After he explained, Uci laughed out loud. “This is Indonesia!” he said. “People are too lazy here and do not care about the environment.”

Ali was upset by Uci’s words. But then he thought to hiself, “I am Indonesian and I am not lazy. And I care about the environment!”

Then Uci started taking a cloth bag when he went to the market with her mother.

Soon other villagers began to see Ali and asked what he was doing. He told them about how he made compost and carried a cloth bag instead of a plastic bag.

The villagers thought these were very good ideas. More and more villagers started to copy Ali. And more…  And more…

And the piles of rubbish in Kampung Anyar became smaller…and smaller…

Soon the village was much cleaner than before. The village leader came to Ali’s house to thank her.

Uci was very jealous that the RT had come to visit Ali. But Ali’s mother told him “you should be very proud of your brother, not jealous!” So Uci went outside to stand beside Ali. Not only had the RT come, but also many of the villagers.

“Thankyou Ali,” said the village head. “You are our sang pejuang kompos!”

The crowd laughed and then shouted together “Sang Pejuang Kompos!!”

“You’re welcome,” smiled Ali.

Then he looked at Regar and whispered, “It was so easy!”

compost will save the world


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